Are You Serious! Do I really have to do it?

not happy It is funny as kids; our parents always tasked us at home with chores. From cleaning the dishes to mowing the land. It can be annoying, but as we learned while living on our own as grown up adults, we do not have them around to pick up after us.

The same goes at school, do we really want to spend a few hours at home doing our homework? Do we really have to learn and memorized this lesson? Thinking later we can maybe try to fake being sick to avoid an English test.

We do feel as full-grown adults with children, we are now in our parent’s shoes. Do I really have to drive you to your baseball practice? Can I have at least one hour where I can breathe without hearing anyone complaining at home? Is it too much to ask for you to pick up after yourself? Does this sound familiar?

We have become our parents, chasing after our brood, keeping them inline as much as we can. Running in many different directions every day. Hoping night fall will come sooner than later so we can put our feet up and have a glass of wine trying to relax until it all restarts tomorrow.

We can have the best intentions in the world, but we need to learn before we can fly away from our parent’s nest. In some cases, it can be the streets or others that teach us what to do. Unfortunately, when we come into this world we are a blank canvas. We must learn all our skill sets.

The first few years of our lives, it is coming from our parents. If the parents are not around to teach us the basics we could be lacking them for the rest of our lives. It is important to realized parents are not their children friends.

Boundaries needs to be learned, it is not by watching TV that a child can learn those skills. A child can be pouting because he/she is testing their parent’s boundaries. We, as parents need to learn to be firm without being excessive. One of the major skills a child should learn is communication. Too many children are now into the virtual world they have no idea what the “real world is”.

As parents take the time to go back to the basics, communication is the key not via a smartphone or computer but verbal communication. Be part of their lives not watching on the side line.

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