Being amazed by the life we are living!

FunIt is always a great reminder to step back and see how far we have come or how much we have failed.

I have mentioned in previous blogs; our actions are causing reactions. Like a pendulum it swings one way but will always swing the other way as well.

What we are doing in our lives imitates the actions of the pendulum. If we are sending positive energy into this world, positivity will come back to us multiplied. Yes, I know, sometimes it is difficult to stay positive when we are impacted by our outer condition.

We must stay positive, take the time to step back just for a moment and assess where you are in your professional and personal life. You could be surprised at how much you have overcome in the past years or if you have been derailed and falling into the abyss.

When you are being guided by your spirit, the Universe will back you up by providing you what you need. You just have to ask for something greater not what you think you would like.

However, if you have been sliding unto the wrong path, maybe it is time to look where you are at this point. Reassess the situation and make the correct decision to go back on your path. It may look impossible because you think you are in too deep, but if you take the time to do the first steps the Universe will be more than happy to help you along the way.

You are truly never alone, even if we feel like sometimes we are.

If you decide to stay on the wrong path, you must understand the Universe WILL, sooner or later, challenge you.

We are living a privileged life in the sense we are here to realized what our spirit wants to experience. Some experiences again are not that positive, there can be tragedy, drama and frustration along the way, but we need our spirit to continue to grow. Therefore, we have to continue on our journey, once in a while assessing where we are in order to steer our lives in the right direction.