We are the essence of life

Essence of lifeAs I am now sitting outside meditating, I am asking the Universe what message would they like to share with all the women around the world?

From the heart of Africa to the cosmopolitan cities of Asia, Europe and the Americas. What could inspire women around the world to continue to be the forces behind nations?

Women are the essence of life. We are the ones, who, like Mother Earth, are giving birth, nurturing, nourishing with our love for our children. We are the teachers that are enabling the seed of creativity in mankind.

We are doing it every day at a small or bigger scale, helping to make this world a better place. We are the fighters that will walk on water to save our children. We are the peaceful and gentle souls that provides the comfort we all need.

We are the pioneer of change, from Marie Currie to Mother Theresa. We are the key, essential to make changes even as small as it may be. We are the sparks that will trigger a revolution, we have been able to make our voices heard.

Women around the world have changed their ways to help their families. From small villages in Africa they have shared their gifts of creativity that help them to support their families becoming a force respected by everyone in their villages. In Morocco women’s have created co-ops to produce Argan Oils that is being sold around the world.

Those women are inspiring the next generation to move what they have started to the next level. Teaching other women to do the same, creating a better future for themselves and the next generation. Showing them the way, breaking the ground for others to succeed, changing tradition to incorporate women as an essential part of the cycle of life. They are the true pioneers; millions of women are doing it without being acknowledged. We need to praise all those beautiful Goddesses that are quietly changing our world.

Most of those women have humble beginnings. Even though we will never know who they are, those Goddesses are sending invisible sparks that keep on giving. Without them we would not be able to foresee a better world. They have and continue through time to inspire their children and grandchildren.

Since the beginning of time as invisible women have been, they have played important roles throughout the ages.

They are the true inspiration, without them we would not be here. It all started because of them. They have taught us that nothing is impossible, we need to continue to carry and nurture those flames. Passing it from generation to generation. As we are nurturing those flames we also need to let it grow, our world needs those flames to surround the earth to bring positive changes into our lives.

Women around the world have proven to be the most powerful foundation for the family. Each one of you have brought so much and continue to inspire the next generation, you have shown us the way. With your tears, your resilience you have continually pushed us beyond our limits. You have lead the way toward a better world. As centuries have passed we are carrying you deep in our genes. We are the result of your wildest hopes and dreams.

Deep in the bush of Africa, the outback in Australia or in the middle of the concrete cities, women have persevered to improve their lives to become more educated. Giving an opportunity to their daughters to have a better life.

We are your legacy, as I am humbly bowing down to salute you, I thank you all for your sacrifices. Your stories are being told through us and we proudly carrying the flames.