Becoming a kid again

Playing Something that can help all of us in our lives is to become a kid again.

Einstein said at the end of his life he did not play enough.

Why don’t we play today for a change? Do some mischief to our mates and kids?

Why not take a moment to laugh, watch a funny movie, playing some games outside with the kids?

Just going back for a moment and let our spirit run free. We need to be less serious and more playful.

I have stated in past blogs, we can find solutions to our problems when we are playing. By not focusing on the issue, we let our subconscious mind find the solution we need. I, often, when I was working in corporate would find solutions while taking a shower or just prior to going to bed. In some cases, I would wake up in the middle of the night with the solution. I was so excited I had to go to the office on my computer to finished what the Universe was giving to me.

I always found it interesting how solutions would come to me. It was never while I was “obsessing” about it instead it often happened when I was doing my Yoga. Somehow quieting my mind would finally give me a clear vision of the solution.

It was hilarious when this was happening, I would stop doing yoga, then using a piece of paper to write down the solution, and after it was done I would finish my yoga session.

I will always remember in the movie” The First Wives Club” when Goldie Hawn, was asked by Bette Midler why she was always running on the treadmill. Her response was epic; it always cleared her mind and solution always came to her this way. To be honest, it is true, have you ever look back at when you found a solution to a problem where were you, sitting on the front of your computer at work or elsewhere? Most people will respond at home, in the garden etc.

Playing is a great way to not only find solutions to our problems but also reconnect with our loved ones.