Today I am feeling on fire!

Yes! my spirit is feisty in a good way.

Ready to move mountains and push walls to make things happening today. I love when I wake up in the morning ready to embrace the beauty of this world.

Not everything has to be negative. We, by changing our minds, can shift our life.

Nothing is ever permanent everything is in constant motion.

We should not stop but push towards happy endings in our lives.

Being proactive by taking the time to meditate, reconnecting with our spirits, love ones.

Finding new ways to bring the world of creation to the tip of our fingers.

Life needs to be like a moving river, navigating safely with the wisdom of the Universe while enjoying doing some mischiefs along the way. We should take the time to have fun, laugh and enjoy reconnecting with each other.

Why not start today by doing a little morning dance followed by a little meditation. There is nothing more interesting than changing our routines.

Feeling the love of the world, enjoying a moment to be sassy and funny. Become a child again, while moving the energy of our body and shifting to a more positive attitude towards the world.

We need to be in touch with our spirit, starting to co-create with the Universe. Creating the invisible bond that will in perfect synchronicity opening the doors for the Universe to shower us with the abundances we are seeking.

Why not start today by asking the Universe to surprise you with a gift. Having an attitude of expecting one good thing today. You could be delighted to receive something unforeseen that could bring you a smile for the rest of the day.

The Universe loves to share its bounty, we only have to open our arms to receive it but also let know the Universe we are ready for it.