How to stay patient in this world

UniverseI, like everyone else, sometimes have a hard time to stand still. Especially when I need to move things around.

Being a visionary can be tricky at times, especially when you have an idea of what you would like to have materialize but co-creating with the Universe can be a bit frustrating.

Yes, it can be, especially when you must realize your time-table is not the Universe’s time. To have everything working in perfect synchronicity, the Universe must orchestrate everything behind the scenes.

How does this translate for you, you may ask?

I am going to use the example of my sister’s new car.

To make it happen several things had to take place.

1 I added the new car on my vision board (no one knew about it)
2 I asked every morning, while on my way to the office, of the angel runners to provide her a new car/used car that was safe & reliable. I also specified that neither she nor I would pay for it.
3 Have faith, the universe will provide one way or another.

What happened next was all orchestrated by the Universe.

1 Mid-January the board was done
2 I asked the angel runners the entire month of February for the car
3 In early March my sister told me, my mother called her out of the blue, to buy her a new car
4 April she went and ordered a new car
5 she got her car in June, on her birthday

When we are working with the Universe to co-create, we need to let the Universe work its magic.

I was firm when I mentioned to the angel runners I will not pay for the car. They had to figure out where the money will be coming from. I had no idea my mother would do that either it wasn’t in the cards to start with.

You can apply this simple technic for everything if it is for the highest good of everyone. You cannot ask the angel runners to take someone away from their true love, but you can attract the right person to you. If you need a job, do the same thing, but again, you need to be patient sometimes it takes a little longer to get what we need especially when the Universe is not quite ready.
I did lose some of my patience on things I needed as well. Like everyone else, I am human I can lose sight of that. The Universe prevails, we just have to keep faith