The signs that show us it is a beautiful day in Paradise

sandI love when the Universe leaves little trails of signs around us. It could be a coin, a butterfly, a feather, etc.
Those little signs are there to remind us they are with us. They are showing us they are surrounding us.

It can be, at times, hard to believed it, but yes, those little gestures from the Universe are to show us they are watching over us. Even at our worst time we can find those little signs to boost our spirits. It helps us to get going, to push further on our journey. It reminds us to not give up, staying focused on the end not the journey.
It can be trivial to think of those little signs but when we get them we need to be able to acknowledge them. It helps us to connect with the Universe, we are not alone in our journey. There is an entire world watching over us.

We should be able to tap into that world to get the help we need.

If we do not open our heart to receive their help, we are going to make our lives more difficult than it should be. Working in partnership with them will help you to ease your journey. We still must learn our life’s lessons, but we can also learn how to change the outcome of where we are.

By connecting with the Universe, we can learn to master our lives. It will not happen overnight but like everything else, we need to practice, practice, practice. Keep ourselves positive, sending unconditional love to everyone.

I understand, this is easier said than done, this is what our journey is all about. We are constantly learning; our spirits have chosen where they want to be born, but we have, with our free will, the right to change the outcome of what we are currently experiencing.
Look at the signs around you today.