Why changes are needed for us to grow

butterflyI know it is not always fun to go through changes in our lives. But when we are in need to continue to grow, we must accept to be able to let go of the here and now, to move on to a better place.

As a young girl I never felt I was in the right place, even though I loved the house I grew up in, and the small street with the flowers that surrounded the water stream. It wasn’t the right place for me to stay.

The Universe put our lives upside down, we lost our house and had to find a place to stay for us to continue school. It was not an easy transition to do, my sister and I were living in an apartment in a middle of the city. Imagine the shock to move from the country side where it was peaceful and quiet to the city.

Still it felt even worst at times, but I had Mummy Bull & Little Zeb by my side. We adapted the best we could. I still knew I wasn’t in the right place, but I had faith that I was about to take off and leave this area. It took me some time before the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, moved its magic wand.

I landed my job at the Club Med. It was scary at first, learning you are now living for the unknown. I was excited but again I had no idea what was waiting for me there.

Looking back at this first experience when finally, I realized I had escaped that life that wasn’t mine, to pursue my destiny. I still knew it wasn’t permanent but a step toward the right direction.

We at times, need to understand when changes are happening that they can be subtle or life changing experiences. We need to expect those changes, even as painful as they can be, to bring positivity into our life. Something good always comes out, we need to be able to continue to expect that. Even if you do not see it at first, have faith in the Universe.