Not feeling the pain in a state of comatose!!

hospitalI need to share this story about my mother. A few years ago, she had a car accident. She had several injuries, broken ribs, spine injuries and contusions. When they drove her to the hospital the doctors put her on traction to stabilize her spine. Instead of leaving her in traction for at least a month, they within a few days, decided to put her in a body cast and get her walking around.

At the end of the week she wasn’t feeling well and saw herself dying. The nurses around her didn’t believed her until she flatlined for three minutes (dead). They were able to revive her, at that point she was in a coma they transported her to the University hospital by ambulance over 100 miles away.

She was put into an induced coma. Instead of leaving her in that state for seven days they decided to shorten the coma to five days. Waking her up was extremely difficult. She was intubated, couldn’t breathe on her own, she had catheters attached to her arms. Her face was swollen so much you couldn’t recognized her at all.

The day after she was transported to the University hospital I was contact by my Uncle who told me, his sister got into a car crash and he had no idea what exactly happened. I could feel in his voice his distress. Like I normally do I started to joke (yes this is what I do under stressful situations, I joke, no screaming no crying just joking) he finally calmed down. I got the Little One on Skype, while we were talking the Universe showed me the accident and the injury she suffered especially they showed me the spine, precisely the bone marrow. They showed me the injury in the spine that was compressed by the body cast. The blood traveled to her brain.

While I was sitting on a chair describing to the “Little One” the situation. We the both had no idea what was going on. We learned, after my older sister contacted the “Little One”, my mother had a car accident, the extent of her injuries and we learned what had happened at the hospital.

I had a chance to speak with my older sister, she was letting me know about the induced coma. I mentioned to her she needed to stay 7 days in that state to help her brain to recovered. Unfortunately, the doctor decided differently. This was the first of many mistakes that were made in intensive care.

While I was asking the Universe to help to protect her, it was asked from the “Little One, who is a powerful healer, to help as well.

My mother was starting to wake up but the nurses and caregivers who worked in rotation told my older sister she couldn’t feel anything. I told my sister it wasn’t true she was in excruciating pain. But since she was unable to speak while in the coma or the first few weeks after she woke up, they were not kind nor compassionate, but pretty much treated her like what I would call it “crepe suzette”. Flipping her around without understanding her injuries, ribs, bruises etc. we’re hurting her. I was guiding my older sister to stop those individuals from hurting her, because most of them were careless about it.

It was now a month since her accident, my mother was able to communicate by pressing one of her hands into my sister’s hand. She was able to start to let people know she was in pain. But again, not all the caregivers would listen. I was on the phone with my older sister, reiterating the same thing about the pain. I felt my mother was in great danger, I told my sister one of the caregiver’s, who had nothing to do with her, was taking care of her. I described that individual, I told her you are going to recognize him right away. My sister went to the hospital the next day, while she was talking to the nurse she saw that caregiver approaching my mother. She asked the head nurse if this individual was supposed to take care of my mother. The head nurse responded “no”. He was removed immediately from the area. The “Little One” in the meantime helped my mother to recover.

She was downgraded from critical to stable within a few weeks. After a month and a half, they removed her from the intensive care and went to neurology where she stayed for another few weeks. The doctors were amazed how fast my mother recovered. The “Little One” and myself were laughing when we heard that. If they only knew.

The point of sharing this story is about individuals who are in a coma. They do feel and hear and are sensitive to their surroundings. When you are taking care of them you need to be extremely gentle with them, they are not a piece of meat at the meat department counter! Their injuries are still causing pain, even though you cannot hear them complaining.

Individuals who are awake in intensive care that cannot speak because they have tubes in their throats are still feeling the pain.

I was appalled by what happened to my mother but also, I felt the excruciating pain each of the patients in the intensive care unit where she was. The head of the Intensive care was extremely arrogant. It was nearly impossible to speak with him. Someone who was at the head of another department at the University knew him. My sister was able to speak with him because of that connection. It was horrible how they run their department especially for families who are going through these kinds of tragedies.

For all the nurses, caregivers that are working in an intensive care unit, especially with patients who are in a coma. Please, you need to be reminded they feel the pain. You need to be gentle with each one of them. Same goes with the patients that are awake but cannot speak.
I understand not all the nurses and caregivers around the world are like that, but everyone needs to be reminded about it.

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