Learning to dial the Universe

messagesYou could be surprised how much the Universe wants to help us.

When we are here to do good, not only for our highest but the highest good of everyone. The Universe continues to provide everything we need to get it done.

From starting your own business, to archiving your goals at work. We have so much more to learn before we can finally say I am ready to go home.

Life is a journey; the Universe can gently help us to navigate in our lives or just flat-out throw us into the rapids for us to learn to survive by utilizing all our skills. We could be surprised how much knowledge we have until we are faced with the harsh lessons of our life.

It is not a picnic every day, but we must assert ourselves by carrying on in our journey. We are the warriors that can teach the next generation. We can be the guides and mentors to help others to succeed.

It is always humbling when you come to realized how strong we each are. We also must learn to call upon the Universe to receive help. We cannot do it alone, in fact we are not alone. We are surrounded by helpers ready to send us their gifts. We must be willing to open our arms and receive them.

We can spend most of our lives fighting the rising tides, feeling there is no end to it. Until finally, we can reach the peace and understanding we need to look inside of us to get what we need.

We are all connected with the Universe. It doesn’t matter what religion, what color of skin you have, what country you are born in. We all have the same connection to the Universe. Our spirits are purer than gold. We need to learn to open our heart chakra to connect with the Universe and learn to co-create for a better life.

There is an infinite supply for everyone, we just need to learn to dial in, to receive it.