What kids would say next!

ChildI am going to share two stories today. I have an acquaintance who works in retail. One afternoon he was near the self-registered. He meets a young child about 5 years old. He engages her in a conversation.  Asking her name, which she was eager to share with him. He shared his name, while he was asking her how she was doing. She out of blue looked at him with a smile and told him “he was old”. His response was a laugh. The mother who was nearby never acknowledged what this beautiful spirit just had said.

When he shared that story with me I laughed so hard, we both started to acknowledge how beautiful the spirit of a child is. They do not have any boundaries set yet, they will speak from their hearts.

Therefore, I love to hear what comes out of the mouths of children.  I met a child who was a candid spirit at a store once. His mother had her hands full with him. But his spirit was just so open to the world, he was indeed fearless.

While we were in the same aisle, he approached me to say hello. I started to have a conversation with him. He noticed I had a small scar on my face, bluntly he pointed out with his finger the scar while he acknowledged it loudly. His mother came running towards him, apologizing for his behavior. I squatted down to speak with him. I agreed with him, I had a small scar. I looked at his mother who was horrified by his behavior. I smiled to her and mentioned she has a great child who is fearless but is gifted.

She shared with me the day before they were at a fast-food restaurant, while waiting in line for their turn, her son approached a gentleman to say hello three times. The gentleman ignored him the fourth time the gentleman wasn’t going to have it, he got really upset to the point she got afraid and left without ordering.

When she told me the story, my response to her was let your child be who he is. The only thing he does is approach people to say hello. I could see his beautiful spirit; this child has a great future ahead of him. By saying hello to everyone he was sending positive energy to the recipient. Unfortunately, that individual who got upset did not want any positive energy his way.

Young children have their hearts open to the world. We are the ones who are molding them to close it. We need to learn to break the patterns we have been taught. Let their spirits speak, within those words the Universe is giving us messages or energy like that little boy.