Today is my day!

candlesToday is my day, yes, it is the day I had my first breath into this world.

It is interesting to take the time to sit and look back for a brief moment into my journey.

As the sun is rising slowly over the trees, I can see the colors of the sunrise. It is beautiful and peaceful.

I am thinking how peaceful it is right now. For a moment I can finally rest and celebrate another milestone into my accomplishments.

We are all celebrating our lives a different way. Some people like to have it broadcasted all over the places for the world to know and others preferred a moment of reflection.

Today is a good day to see how far my gifts have evolved, how much I can remembered from my previous journey into this world. How much I missed to be on the other side with my guides and my love ones. But it is a fun to remember I had to celebrate my day with the “Little One” even though I wished my mother would have let us celebrate on our days, instead of always combining us together.

It’s fun to remember what kind of cake we had, she always got us a pound cake since we were on a tight budget. I remember the fruit salad as well. I never minded the pound cake, I still love the test of it.

I remember my day when I worked at the Club Med. We had a four days extravaganza, it was so much fun. Those were the wild days, a lot of fun and little sleep.

Today is a special day, I am on the right track with my life purpose. The Universe is by my side and I am enjoying every moment. Even the most difficult ones have been a blessing in disguised.

We all have to learn our lessons, but today it is all about fun and play.