It is raining in my life

rainingI love the rain; some individuals become moody when they see it. But I just love it, the smell of the fresh scent when the rain starts. I am not talking about a down pouring rain but a light shower.

It washes everything around, it reminds me when we are doing cleansing. Removing the negativity around us. It is refreshing, it brings growth in nature.

The rain is like a beautiful gift that brings life. I love the rain in my life, it always comes when I need it the most.Quietly it will purge and remove unnecessary feelings, tensions, emotions I carry. It washes over me, after the rain has passed, like the sun my magnetic field glows.

We need to enjoy what nature gives us, we also need to be reminded that Mother nature will always rule over us. When changes are coming there is a reason for it. Even though we may or may not understanding why this is happening.

Being under the rain, my head looking at the sky it feels good to let it run all over my body. It brings me back to my childhood. Watching nature growing, flowers blooming, listening to the busy life of animals and insects.

It is fascinating for me to watch through my window the rain falling. As I am enjoying this moment of peace, it is time for me to open my arms, so the Universe can provide me with its’ blessings.

When it is raining in my life, the Universe always provides me with abundances that will be shared with everyone. As the rain is falling so are the blessings coming to everyone, as small or big, it doesn’t matter. We need to keep our arms wide open to received them.

Keep our minds and hearts open to hear what the Universe has to share today.