What is up with you today!

bad moodIt is not easy to deal with everyone on a daily basis. From mates to our own or extended family, our co-workers even customers.

Sometimes it would be great if people could stop being harsh to each other. We can be upset or in a bad mood from time to time. Our hormones, like the weather can be changing, but when we are in a bad mood we should not try to make everyone feel miserable, just to make us feel better.

I have seen and experienced too often this kind of behavior. I have learned, as a rule, when I felt I was tired, impatient or flat-out feisty to let the people around me know. They would know today is not the day to be teasing me. It helps a lot when you are working in an office environment or at home to give everyone a heads up if you are feeling contrary.

We also must learn to not use people as our relieve “valve”. No one wants to be at the end of the stick, while you are launching your wrath toward them. It is not fair to anyone, we need to be able to release that negative energy towards the Universe for “it” to transform and transmute into positive energy and send it back to us.

Everyone should be listening as well when someone is in a “funky” mood. Communication is the key, we need to take the time to hear each other. With the lack of communication that has been going on for centuries, we need to go back to the basics. It is to pay attention to the people around us, we should not carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but we can hear people without solving their problems each time. It is not everyone’s job to do that. Instead, by taking the time to hear them it helps them to think through their issues. Even as angry as someone can be at first, by listening to them they are going to start to calm down. Also, they can find the origin of their issues maybe even find their own solutions.

Everyone should start to watch their behaviors when they are not in a good mood. You may catch yourself repeating a behavior that can strain your personal relationships but also when you have children teach them that bad habit.  It is never too late to change your behavior