Are you seeing the signs?

trainWe have signs all around us giving us information about everything.

From our personal relationships to our working environment.

Most of the time people ignore them, like the freight train coming your way.
Knowing can be scary, but if you prefer to live like an ostrich with your head in the sand, hoping what’s coming toward you is going to disappeared by magic, you are in for a ride.

Look, for example, at your work. You have been working for a few years at your company. At the beginning everything was great. The working environment was open communication, you felt you could advance in your position, being promoted and move up the ladder.  You got a raise every year.

As years goes by, you are starting to realize you have not been promoted, your raises, if any, weren’t consistent with the cost of living. The working environment has changed not for the better. Also, you are hoping maybe next year you will get a promotion. The signs are already here, the Universe is showing you it is time for you to move on to another company.

You decide to ignore those signs, instead you are trying to make the best of the situation. You feel too scared to put your resume together and go back into the market for a new job. You are starting to become accustomed to the work environment. Even though your spirit is screaming at you to “go”!  You are feeling there is too much competition out there you feel safe to stay where you are. Your anxiety level has increased. You are so overwhelmed to go to work every day you are now releasing your stress on food.

You are lingering the time you are going home every single day. You are not happy anymore. While you are living in a state of chaos, Jane, the only person you really liked in your office has seen the signs.

She has realized this as well, instead of putting her head in the sand, she has put her resume online and now is actively searching for a new job. A recruiter saw her resume and is working actively to get her that next job. Within a month she has successfully landed a new job.

She has given her two weeks notices, as her last day approaches you are getting upset because Jane is leaving, and you are left behind.

You are now in full depression mode. You are not happy but will continue to work for a company that is not right for you anymore.

My questions for you today are….
Why you would want to stay somewhere when you are not happy there?
Would you like to be Jane, going to a new job and experiencing something new that will lead to better pay with the opportunity of climbing the corporate ladder?

Signs are all around us we can ignore them and stay where we are becoming unhappy and disgruntled towards the world. Or you can take matters into your own hands and actually create your own destiny?

Which one would it be?