Focusing on your next step

co-createAs I am sitting watching Miss Pépettes eating her food, I am looking back on how we can co-create in partnerships with the Universe.
Often we are not asking help from the Universe to create a positive new experience.
Once in a while we forget to ask for assistance on materializing what is needed.

We have been taught to only ask the Universe in dire situations for help from them.
In fact, the Universe is here to help us on our journey.
We actually are not bothering them if we ask for what we need.
They are more than happy to help us.

If you need help on finding a new job, a new home, a car or whatever you need,
You should be asking them. They are the magicians behind the curtains that will set things in motion. What we call perfect synchronicity, having them by our side is like winning the lottery every time.

With their guidance we can archive our best, living our experiences to the fullest.
Living our life with gratitude even if your initial life wasn’t ideal. You can always turn it around for the best.

In my bio, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, au contraire. I became what I am today because I had faith in the Universe. I used my gifts to create the perfect situation for me to get where I am today.
It wasn’t easy, every day, but I kept my focus on the outcome.

The Universe has been by my side since the beginning. Even if, as a teen, for a while I turned my back on them, losing my faith. Somehow, I was reminded who I was. What I was seeking in the outside was actually inside of me.

Big dream, keep your mind on the outcome. Dr. Joseph Murphy mentioned in one of his books, we are our own worst enemy, because we are the one who is sabotaging ourselves by trying to control the process on how we should archive our goals. Instead of keeping our eyes on the outcome, letting the Universe work its magic to make it happened.

Co-creating means letting the Universe do its part. We need to let the Universe assemble all the pieces together for the best possible outcome. Why not start today? Life will be easier if we let the Universe help us.