How do you stretch time?

watchA friend of mine asked me the other day how do you stop time?
I need more time, I have so much to do.

I smiled at her, you can stretch time if you need too.

She looked at me perplexed, are you serious?

Yes, I am my dear, the first thing you need to do is change your thoughts from “I do not have time” to “I have all the time in the world”

It is easier for people to feel the lack of time or money or anything you could think about it. But if you start to shift your perception then this is where you start to connect with the magical side of the Universe.

I have applied this technique many times. For instance, I was leaving late to catch a flight, it was mid-day, the traffic on the highway was slower than expected. Instead of panicking. I started to breathe deeply then proceeded to say the following loudly. “I have all the time in the world. I arrive at the airport on time, passing the TSA like a breeze, I walk to the gate with a light step, I arrive before boarding time. Everything is in perfect synchronicity.”

Well time stretched, the traffic picked up the pace. I arrived at the TSA, the lines were moving quickly. I found the gate right away, I walked to the gate with a lightness in my step. The boarding hadn’t even started. I was in my seat before I knew it. We left the gate on time.  As I was in my seat, I thanked the Universe for helping me to get to my flight on time.

I applied that similar technique at work. When I had too many deadlines to meet with all the projects I had, I always pictured myself with plenty of time to complete each of the projects. I was able to stretch time to get it done.

I even did it yesterday, I had so much time left on my hands, I even completed more tasks. It was refreshing to do this exercise again. I always thank the Universe. After all, the magic will not happen if I wasn’t co-creating with the Universe.

We are all magicians/alchemists. We need to remind ourselves who we truly are.