How to lift your spirit up

JoyKeeping the positivity in our daily life can be a challenge.
We can if we take a few minutes every day to keep our spirit up.

Doing meditation upon waking up can be inspiring. I do listen each morning, while I am still waking up, a 13 minutes mediation. I can set my intentions for the day while I am still in bed.
Before breakfast why not listen to your favorite music while adding a little dance. This will get your energy moving. The kids can participate as well.
While commuting to work why not listen to some mantras or an audio book?
You can let your imagination participate in the story.

At work, why not take a 10-minute break to go outside if weather permits. A little walk will help you to release the tension. Also, focus on the now, become an observer by focusing on your surroundings.

At home in the evening why not take the time to connect with your mate and kids. Have a little dinner party where everyone can participate?
Before going to sleep another mediation would be great to release the energy of the day.

We are bombarded by so much energy coming from everywhere we can find ourselves being overwhelmed by it. We need to find a way to keep our energy up, doing a few things during the day that can help us to have consistency.

Our spirit needs nurturing, love and to feel the positivity around us. Often, we are neglecting that side of us, it is easy to be absorbed by our lives. We are forgetting the essentials, going back to the basic can help us stretch time, allowing us to expand our horizon and keep us in synchronicity with the Universe.

Being present in our lives can help us in our journey. Our spirits are here to experience, but we also need stay connected with the Universe.