How do you know if he/she is the right mate?

rightThis is a question I have been asked often

How do I know if this is the right mate for me?

Well, you can do an inventory of your relationship or if you are interested in someone ask your spirit the following question.

Do I need to change that person? Many times, I have seen people trying to change their mate to the image they wanted that person to become. Along the way suffocating their mate’s spirit.  If you start to try to change your mate a red flag should come up.  This person may not be the right person for you. Sooner or later that person will walk out. If a person wants to change it is because they are doing it of their own free will not because someone is telling them to change. Behavior is something that should be improved if they are willing and ready to do it.

Look at what this person brings you not only financially but is this person completing you?

Do you feel whole when you are together? Does this person stimulate your intellect?
Do you feel you are in perfect harmony together? In difficult times can he/she lend a shoulder for you? Do you feel you are being heard? Do you have similar interests?

Do you trust that person, is your gut telling you it is safe to be by he/her side?

If you take the time to look at your mate do you feel even in his/her worst days, beautiful?  Are you still attracted to him/her?

Do you still feel connected mentally and spiritually? Are you close to each other? Do you have the same view? Sometimes we can connect at the beginning until we slowly start to mature realizing later it is time to part ways.

In our journey we can finish a story that was started in a different life. For a moment in time you will be with someone until it is time for each other to move on. Not everyone will find their mate right away, in some cases it will take a life time to reach them.

It is wise to always look at your relationship with an objective view. What leads me to stay with that person is it the fear of being alone? Why am I going to marry that person is it because everyone around me is married so I must conform to that?

We need to be reminded, we are not all on the same time clock with each other.