How to stay ageless in this world

youngStaying young in our minds keeps us ageless.
Practicing yoga, meditation keeps us in tune with our body and spirit.
It also helps us to release the negativity we have absorbed during the day.

With that said, we can also keep a routine that will help us to stay younger.
Eating superfood will keep our body as a temple. It doesn’t mean that once in a while we cannot indulge in our favorite treats.

What makes us ageless is the way we think.
If you are always repeating the same mantra “I am too old, I cannot do … (fill out the blank)

You are limiting your subconscious and aging yourself faster than you should be.

Instead of using negative mantra change your words from I cannot too I can do yoga, I can walk on a trail. I can … (fill the blank)

You are now opening yourself up to the infinite possibilities the Universe has to offer.

I have people who look 20 years younger than their birth age. Speaking with them is always a pleasure and a treat. Their candid spirits are refreshing, they are also, so much fun to be around.

You do not need to be an expert yogi or a professional climber to do activities. We work with our own bodies, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. If someone can do a split and you cannot, just work with your body, you can get there on your own time.

When you keep a light-spirited mind, you are becoming ageless. You need to realize you do not need to carry the world on your shoulders. Even if some days it feels like that.

Learn to shield yourself and create your own space where all negatives cannot go through.

I mentioned in previous blogs the usage of lavender essential oils, you can also use white angelica that will repealed negative people.
Being ageless is a wonderful state of mind that reflects on your body and spirit.

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