Why do I do what I do part 2

psychicMy mother dropped me off by my high school. I was with my instructor and another student. We were waiting for the inspector. Upon his arrival our instructor gave us a couple of tips about that instructor. I was sitting in the back seat my instructor left the car he wasn’t allowed to stay in the car with us. The student that was with me started first. We drove around with her then we change seats. I need to mention when we passed the test we were driving on the street with the traffic.

The instructor was giving me direction.  As we were close to being done driving he asked me to turned left on a street. I arrived by the stoplight I was in the middle of the street when the light turned orange than red. I kept my cool but thought I failed the test right on the spot. I kept my composure, the street we turned in was tricky, it was downhill and as you were descending a huge no entry sign was there. But at the last-minute the road would open to another street on the left. If you were not aware of it most people will go straight and basically would fail their driving test. I turned at the last-minute into the left. I was still upset thinking I just threw everything away.

We arrived at the drop off location, the student that was sitting in the back seat left the car. The instructor went over my test and to my surprise gave me the thumbs up. I passed my driving test, I was so happy, I thanked him and left the car. The other student, unfortunately, failed her driving test. My instructor told me get in the driver seat and I drove back home with him and the other student who was upset.

After I was dropped off at home. I called my mother and pretended that I failed which she bought, until I told her I passed with flying colors. I was happy because I was on the path to not failed. I would have failed if I didn’t realize for the written test I wasn’t answering my questions on the right line. I would have failed the driving test if I would not have crossed the intersection either.

With the information I had, I decided to change the course of the outcome. I wasn’t going to let anything on my path to interfere with me.

Providing insight can help someone to create a new outcome. Nothing is in stone you can, by gathering information, make informed decision for your highest good. Being aware is powerful knowledge that can help you in your life.

When you are facing challenges in your life or your business having someone who can guide you through it can help you. At the end of the day you are the one that makes the decision to stay the course or change for the better.

Therefore, this is the reason I do what I do, if you are doing it organically with the best intentions to help everyone for their highest good. It is a reward to see the positive outcome, I have been blessed to have seen people and companies flourishing.

Doing what I do is a gift that I am happy to share with everyone.

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