The infinite circle of light

LightWe all have our weaknesses some of them are easy to find. When weakness is turning to my ego you are here to understand and help me discover the better part of me.

Having a circle of light is essential when you are feeling down.
Friends that can elevates you when you need it the most.
We are all experiencing moments in our lives when we need to lean on someone.

Having a mate is wonderful but sometimes we need to have our own circle to be able to gain perspective.

You do not need to have 20 people in that circle, a couple will suffice. Those people should have the best intentions at heart. Regardless what decisions you are going to make, they should be there when you are succeeding or when you are going to stumble.

You do not need to do it alone.

In time of joy they will cheer you up, in time of sorrow they will lend you their shoulder for you to cry on.

We all should have each other when everything else is gone. Each other is what makes us move mountains or walk on water.

The world we are living in is harsh we can feel defeated at times, feeling the world is against us. In joyful time we can dig our toes into the sand watching the ocean. Enjoying a moment of peace to renew our faith in mankind.

Hoping for a better world, counting our blessings as we are moving into our lives. Meeting new people along the way, opening our circle of light to them. For a moment in time be elevated and never come back from it.

This is what we are all looking for in our lives, being happy, enjoying life to the fullest. Experiencing blissful experiences. Feeling the love of the Universe.