I lift my heart to the sky

SkyRaising ourselves to a higher ground can be challenging.

So much negativity around us can make us easily stumble.

But if we can shake it off and learn to detached ourselves from situations with lower vibrating energies. We can move our energy level at a higher frequency, then we can witness greatness.

Staying in a state of positivity is rewarding, our bodies will thank us for it.

Everything around us will become peaceful, life will become easier. Blessings will come upon us. People will give us messages, compliments when we least expect them.

Enjoying a moment of peace when perfect synchronicity will lead our lives.

Everything will become clearer, forgive the past, letting go of the pain and sorrow.

Moving toward the path of wholeness, surrounded by people who elevate us.

Our lives have become Holy Ground for miracles as small or big as they are coming our way.

No one can rain on our parade, we have taken our power back.

We cannot live in a monastery or on a deserted island to reach the path of Holiness.

By creating our own path, our world, we can choose to elevate our vibration to reach the higher ground and by doing this, we are accomplishing more for the world then we can realize. By keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind, we are sending this energy into the world. We are merging our energies with people who are living like us in their Holy Ground.

We can help the world to shift the balance toward a path of peace. Starting with our own life, we are influencing people around us to become in a state of peace. When we are doing this, we are shifting the energy.

There is so much beauty in this world, we can contribute to it. A single smile, a compliment, helping someone this will make a long and lasting effect on the people who we are reaching out.

Today, reach your Holy Ground and let your spirit be