A moment under the sun

GrassSpring has finally move in leaving behind the white blanket of snow I am ready to enjoy a moment under the sun.

It is unusual for me to seek a few minutes under the sun. But it is nice to finally be able to feel spring is in the air. The wildlife is getting back to “normal” I have seen rabbits running across the land. Squirrels chasing each other jumping from tree to tree. It reminds me of my childhood where we would run free across the prairies. Without any worries always laughing, rolling into the grass. Lying down and looking at the blue sky, watching the clouds passing.

Our imaginations would run wild, we had no worries of tomorrow, our future was far so far from our minds. We were fearless, we felt sheltered in that small town. Also, our family unit wasn’t consistent with love. We felt free when we were in nature. I always loved the peacefulness that surrounded us.

If only my older sister would have stopped for a moment being so mean and horrible towards me it would have been even better. But the best weapon I had and still have is my mind. I had a refuge, that refuge that would helped me to escape from that life I was born into.

Back to today, it is an ocean apart from where I came from. I have found my island of peace. I have made peace with everyone, learning to do not carry what happened in the past with me. I do not need to carry them like an anchor around my ankle.

It is nice to finally enjoy walking under the beautiful sun. Breathing the air freely, I have much to do. My schedule is full, I am happy to be able to help people and companies to grow.
It is rewarding to be able to share the wisdom of the Universe with everyone.