How do you I know what is your life purpose Part 2?

pathI felt I wasn’t quite ready, but it looked like the Universe decided it was time for me to step up and claim it. So, with the last big pushed I had from the Universe, I went and did what I was lingering to do for the past 7 years, I started my own company. I finally took the time to combined what I called East and West, utilizing my six sensory (psychic sense) and my consulting side, adding my story telling skills.

I also have other skills that have awaken as I am going along my journey with my life purpose. I am amazed by what I have accomplished with the full support of the Universe. I always felt when I was a teen people were drawn to me. It was always at their crossroads, I knew I would be helping others but again, until the Universe revealed the plan, I had not fully grasped how big it was. I wasn’t ready in my teens neither in my twenties or thirties. I had to wait a little longer to have found the peace I needed to fully embrace it.

I had to overcome a lot to be in perfect harmony with the Universe. To elevate myself and be in tone with the Ascendant Masters and the Angelic Realms.

If you are now looking at your life purpose, based on my story what is the theme that always comes back to you? What do you feel is natural for you to do? Are you inclined to help people through medicines? Do you feel like you are a teacher? Do you feel your culinary skills are making people happy? Are you inclined to make people laugh? Do you feel you could write love stories?

What are your natural skills? What are you drawn to?
The Universe will present you with the same thing. Let’s say one of your gifts is singing, you have not fully embraced that yet but somehow you are invited to some friends’ party, it is karaoke night. You are having a lot of fun and people are raving about your voice. You come across a singing contest, so you go for it, again people are happy when they are hearing you singing. Why not use this gift to do charity work at a hospital or even check in your town if there is a theater groups that would do musicals?

We do have more than one skill. You could be surprised if you take the time to do an inventory you could find that you have more than one skill you are using it. Also, there are some hidden skills you have not utilized yet. For those, check what are you drawn to? For example, if you are watching TV every Saturday morning a specific cooking show, you are thinking your cooking is just average, but you have never thought to try doing one of the recipes you just saw, well, why don’t you try it? Let the Universe help you, you could be surprised at the outcome. The dish could be stunningly good.

Those are few examples that can help you to revealed what your life purpose is. Sometimes we have all the skills but do not know what we are supposed to do with them. That is why I am here, I have helped people to match their skills with their life purpose. If you know what your skills are but are not sure how to best use them, you can schedule an appointment with me. If you are unsure about your skills I can help you to discover them as well. You can connect with me with this link