How do you I know what is your life purpose Part 1?

pathIn today’s essay, I am looking at a question most of my clients are asking.
What is my life’s purpose?

I am going to start with my story.
As a teenager, my sisters and I started to notice that people around us would come and talk to us about their issues. It would mostly be happening when we were going to events, meeting new people they would be at ease to speak to us about everything. As I continued to grow into my twenties I already started to travel around the world and I was meeting people who were at a crossroads in their lives.

For a while they would stay connected with me until they were ready to move on into their journey. I made a comment that I should start to charge for my advice.
As I continued to mature with my gifts, it became second nature for me to do it. I would meet people who needed advice for personal and professional matters.

I learned to develop my gifts with the support of the Universe. Meeting people to help them always came organically. Nothing was ever forced, I always had the right message to share with my clients. It always lifted their spirits. Clients and friends would always be surprise how much wisdom came out of my mouth. When you are guided by the Universe it feels natural. I’ve always been grateful to share it with the world.

My life has been an interesting one, I will write a bio later. It wasn’t a happy life, it was a harsher life with humble beginnings. The environment was less than ideal, the future was uncertain. But my Spirit pushed me through, my faith in the Universe got me going. My imagination made me believed beyond the outer conditions I was living in.

If you asked me as a young child what I wanted to do when I grew up, I couldn’t give you an answer. I had no idea. In my teens, I was in a state of limbo, my spirit was feeling lost, I was suffocating. I didn’t feel I was in the right place. It was depressing to feel I didn’t belong there. I felt my life wasn’t what it was supposed to be, the walls were closing in on me.

In my twenties, I started to travel, I was finally starting to be who I was. However, I still had a long way to go. I freed myself and took the second biggest decision in my life. It was to follow my dreams by leaving Europe. I still was doing what I felt was natural. Providing to people the answers they were looking for.

I was savvy, the Universe was watching me. I started to study under different masters, I connected with the Universe. I made situations happen faster than before. Synchronicity was part of my life, even though some of my life lessons where difficult to go through. I learned to stay true to myself by being grounded and authentic.

In my thirties I started to want more, I felt my life’s purpose wasn’t quit fully awake. I was still evolving with my gifts, but I was developing other skills. Healing, reading, seeing the future wasn’t enough, my spirit was asking me to do more than that.

I felt something bigger was calling me. I was thinking about starting my own company but again I wasn’t sure how and what kind. Working in the corporate world I had a lot of passion about what I was doing. It felt a little strange for me to choose only one skill when in fact I am like a diamond, I have several facets, I wanted to utilize all of them.

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