A moment of quietness and hope

peaceIt is time to step back to ground myself. It is time to quiet my mind from all the distractions in my life.
Sitting on my chair, I am closing my eyes, listening to the quietness in my house. It is still dark as the world has not awaken yet.

Miss Pépettes by my side, I can hear her purring. It is beautiful to finally have a moment of peace. I am projecting in my minds eyes a moment of hope. Letting my inspiration, my imagination creating this beautiful peaceful moment. The world is at peace, the positivity is surrounding all of us.

We are not in this realm, we have been transported in the world of beauty and compassion. I can feel my guides watching over me. I can finally meet them for a moment, I am more than happy to be surrounded by them. It is so peaceful to be back in this garden.

I can smell the roses, they are so beautiful. As I am sitting peacefully I am watching the sky. It is sunny, it feels good to be here. As I am enjoying myself, I have emptied my mind. I just need a moment of rest. I do not have the need to do anything. I am free, the energy is empowering.

I love this place, I have known it for centuries. It was a place where I loved to go. As I am watching my surrounding it feels like centuries has passed since I sat down. The time is passing slowly there, I am not quite ready to go back.

I can feel this moment of peace and hope to be beneficial for me. As I am now ready to go, I turned around my guides are watching me, smiling. I approached them hugging them before I leave. I am ready now.

As I am coming back, the sun is now rising. My home is still peaceful as the world is starting to wake slowly.
I am ready for my day. As I open my eyes, I have a sense of hope and love upon me.

It is always a treat to go back home for a moment.