Why am I feeling this way

reflection We can be full of hope, ready to take on new adventures. Seeing ourselves as mavericks, enjoying our boldness at work. In the hope to find our true calling, we are lingering when it would be time for us to be seen for who we are.

As we are walking on our journey, we are hoping to be the next Steve Jobs. Thinking we could be the one to find the best next thing. idealizing the moment, we could be on the top of the news or charts. Becoming the most wanted person to be photographed by the paparazzi.

Living a lavished life, spending without counting. Traveling in private jets, always the first one to attend charity galas. Ready to make any headlines if it is for a good cause.

Learning to be humble and appreciate how easy our lives are. Hoping to continue to thrive on innovation. We are becoming addicted to that new persona. We want to embody this feeling, starting to transform our lives toward that new goal.

Is it too selfish to think that way or should we retrain our imagination to do it?
Should we be content with our life, thinking what our imagination is showing us is only a dream?
But if I decide to become what I just imagine, what else can I do?

I love my maverick’s life, why would I not want to live it to the fullest?
What is causing me to step back instead of moving forward?

The fire that is burning inside of me is telling me to continue my journey. I have stepped up into my life purpose, I know the Universe is watching over me. I am protected and can express myself the way my spirit wants me to do it.

I see the blessing from the Universe in each forwarding step I am taking. I let my spirits guide me along my journey. I am safely supported by the Universe.