Enjoying what we have

ReflectionOnce in a while, it is interesting to sit back and look how far we have come.
Not every day has been a picnic, but it is always a wise reminder to appreciate what we have.

A lot of people are taking everything for granted. Expecting to be served like Kings and Queens, forgetting along the way how to stay humble and grounded.

Being arrogant and condescending is not a great trait when someone acts that way with everyone. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much you have in your bank account. Life is a journey, I have seen individuals rising like a star then losing all they had. Those are harsh lessons that can make you or break you.

But when you are treating others with disrespect, you are going to have a taste of your own medicine sooner or later. People will not be kind to you when you are down. As trivial as this seems, the Universe has a way to remind us where we came from.

Be humble for what we have, it is a great way to remind ourselves to stay grounded. There is no shame in wanting more but we need to do it from our spirit not our ego.

You cannot serve two masters; your ego should not be the one you lead your life with. Your spirit will help you to succeed in your life. There are so many wonders in this world, we could be amazed if we take the time to acknowledge them.

Take the time to do an inventory of what you have in your life. If you feel you need to change something in your life. Maybe it is time for you to do so, we are all evolving at our own pace. Feel blessed, the Universe is watching over you.

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