How to keep going through illnesses

DreamWhen going through illnesses like cancer, it takes a lot out of that person to fight it but also to try to recover from it.
Between surgeries and therapy, we can give up faith easily while our bodies are fighting.
People around us are also affected from our mates, children, family members and friends.

What can you do to help along their journey? Be part of their circle of light, learn about their illness. Stay positive do not let them know you are afraid for them. I had to go through this horrific experience, I have learned to leave my anxiety at the door. Even though sometimes it was difficult to do it.

Sending them love, always find ways to make them laugh. Be by their side at the worse but also make them talk to help them relieved their fears of humanity. Some days are going to be difficult for them. They also are going to give up for a few minutes. You need to be their rock, ask the Universe to help you along the way to help them ignite the fire in them.

Give them inspiration by talking about the future, if they are passionate about gardening, direct the conversion toward that, it will help them to continue to fight. Support them the best you can, they know they can lean on you and will.

Be a reminder that every day is a blessed day to be with them. They need to feel the unconditional love. Regardless on how the therapy is going.

It is not easy to go through the process but there is something I have learned from it. It is unconditional love, this pure energy of love that is unbreakable.

If you are part of the circle of light, make sure you are grounded. Also take an hour a day to recharge your batteries. If you do not take care of yourself, you are going to burn yourself out. It will not help you or anyone else.

Regardless of the outcome, you need to understand we all have a limited time spend on this earth. It can be extremely heartbreaking when someone leaves us to cross over.  Remember you need to remind yourself when that person has crossed to the other side, he/she will be watching over their families, they are going to be by your side until you meet them again.

If the person has fully recovered, take the time to celebrate with them. Once a year spend a full day with them to acknowledge how strong and beautiful their spirits are.