We need a little fun dance

funSometimes we can be in a downward spiral when we are overly stressed by our work and personal lives. When something happens unexpectedly at home you must manage and figure out how to resolve it.

Too many deadlines at work and your head is spinning out of control.
You feel like you need some well-deserved vacation.

Not everyone has the same coping mechanism, some are so tense their muscles cannot relax. Some people resort to screaming and yelling trying to get that energy out of their bodies. While some are more laid-back, not even moving a finger faster.

How can you release those stresses to remain grounded?
Let’s have a little dance! You read it correctly, dancing is a great way to move your body but also the energies. If you have a play list you should access it, listening in the morning before going to work and have a dance party in the kitchen with the kids.

Listening to your favorite music will light up your spirit. Your body will relax, you are becoming playful. Going to work will be less stressful, the situation you had to deal with will be less tense. You will be inclined to receive the solution to your problems.

The energy that emanates from you, will have a rippled effect on everyone around you. You are going to be able to see it. Coming to work with a different attitude and vibes will make a huge difference for you. Your day will be lighter. You are going to be able to do more things in less time.

By the time you are going home, you will be more than surprised at how much you got done. You can’t wait to go home to do another little dance.

Fun is finally back in your life. Keep in mind that stress is damaging your internal body functions from the heart to the liver, guts and hormones. If you are playful at home with your kids or having a little dance party, you are reducing the stress on your body. Raising your energies and clearing up old and unwanted energies that are weighing on you and helping to bring you down.

Remember to do a 3 minute little dance every day, regardless if you are a good dancer or a “two left” feet dancer. It doesn’t matter.