How to move out of the same cycle

feetLearning our life’s lesson should be easier as we are going up. But sometimes we are not ready or do not want to learn them. So, we are bound to go back on the same ride with a different situation and people. As we are going through the motions, we are starting to realize we are doing the same things over and over again, hoping the outcome will change. Unfortunately, the end will be the same.

How can we move out of the same cycle?

You need to look at the situation without letting your emotions guide you. View it from an observer’s point of view. Look only at the facts. For example, your last relationship. Let’s say you are just getting out of that relationship your mate wasn’t respectful towards you. He/she also cheated on you. You gave him/her a second chance, but it didn’t work out at the end.

Most people will go straight back to the dating scene without taking the time to step back and look at what kind of mate they would like to attract. Instead, they are going to attract the same kind of mate they had before. The cycle continues until they get it. Sometimes, even a life time, will not be enough time for them to understand it.

It is natural to not want to be alone, but you shouldn’t be racing to the next person coming your way just because you want to be loved. These are mistakes people are making and repeating over and over again.

You need to step back for a while, assess what happened with your last relationship, remove that person from your mind. Cut the cords with that person to let yourself be free of them. When you feel you are ready, do a list of what type of person you would like to attract.

Do you want someone who is kind, sweet, funny, honest, committed etc.. Give it to the Universe by repeating to the Universe your list. Place the list in a visible area like the kitchen cabinets or the bathroom mirrors. As you are doing this exercise you are telling the universe what you would like to experience. Do not forget to add at the end of your list the following «or something equal or better ».

Be sure that if you go out, do not fall for the first person you are going to meet. It could take a few weeks even longer before you finally meet mister/misses right. Also, it could happen you could meet that person when you least expect it.

The Universe will bring its magic to make it happen. Have faith that it will be happening, do not feel desperate because you are meeting people who are not relationship material. You have time to learn to recognize the correct person to avoid repeating the same cycle.