How to be grounded in our daily lives

Spring We are in spring time mode, everyone is ready to enjoy the sunny days and warm weather.

With projects going on at home and work we are busy, but how can we stay grounded when we are running out of time?

Even though the days are getting longer so is our to do list. We feel, at times, we are burning the candle at both ends.

Spring time is a great time to declutter our homes, but we should also start to look at our schedule. As the weather changes for the best we are now faced with the need to reset our personal time. With outdoor activities for the kids, barbecuing with friends on weekends, we are spending less time on ourselves.

After the weekend, when Monday arrives we are exhausted, ready for some vacation. By Friday we are ready to do it all over again until Falls arrives.
What can we do to help ourselves?
Do we really have to burn ourselves out each weekend?
When can we take a break from everything?

Keeping ourselves grounded will help us, but how do we incorporate this into our daily lives?

Everyday you should take one hour for you. I can hear you saying, I do not have an hour I have so much to do. You can divide this hour into two 30 minute periods. Use your lunch time to go for a walk. When you are ready to go home instead of going straight home, go to a park for 30 minutes.  Walking with nature is a great way to not only connect yourself with nature but also ground yourself.

Instead of checking your email while walking, bring a set of headphones and listen to music. Just spending 30 minutes will help you to unwind. At home alternate with your mate if you have kid’s practice. You should not always be the one running.

Share the choirs, have the kids do some of them. Take the time after your mate is at home for the two of you to sit and talk for 20 to 30 minutes. This can help you to reconnect with one another.

Declutter your calendar, look at your children’s activities, sometimes it is better for everyone to have less activities and more family time. I have seen, in my practice, kids doing so many activities there is never enough time left to connect with their parents and become a real family. By removing some of their activities they reset the family balance. It also helps them to know what is going on in everyone’s lives.

Take the time for yourself, one hour a day. Declutter your schedule, ask yourself is this meeting or activity so extremely important that I need to be there?