Perfect Synchronicity with the Universe

Caramelle PepettesWhen looking to adopt a pet, ask the Universe to guide you along the way. I did that after Miss Mummy Bull and Little Zeb passed away. I was guided to find Mr. Max, a couple of years later I adopted Miss Wailua. The Universe brought those two-beautiful soul into my life.

I have learned so much from them, unconditional love. But also, they were my rocks at home, I always felt they were the Universe’s gift to me. I grew with both, Max was the King of the house. Miss Wailua was the gentle beautiful spirit. She was the quiet one but always by my side.

When Wailua passed away, I didn’t want to be alone. I asked the Universe for help, I couldn’t find a Persian. I saw one Russian cat but when I met her I didn’t feel the connection, so I gave up the search.

A couple of weeks after I gave up, I was sitting at home when I felt the need to go back online. I went back to Petfinder, to my surprise I saw a Persian, she got my attention.

I contacted the Human Society who had her, I talked to someone and asked them when I could see her. She recommended to me, to put a hold on her so no one could have a priority to adopt her before I had a chance to meet her.

I thought it was odd, but I agreed. That Saturday I left home early, I drove 200 miles one way to meet her. I wasn’t sure what to expect but just in case, I took one of my carriers with me.

When I arrived at the Human Society I was surprise how positive the environment was. I was greeted with warm smiles and kindness. They had a show room where all of the cats were staying, it was extremely specious. The cats had enough room to roam in their own pods.

Miss Pépettes was taken outside of her pad and put on the sofa that was in the center of the room. She was cute, curvalicious. I wasn’t expecting a 12 pounds cat but here she was busy to visit everything. I took her in my arms to do the test I always do. I could feel her weight; my little ones were 5 pounds when they passed away their average weight was 8 pounds.

I adopted her, we drove back two hours to get home. After My beautiful Max passed away, Miss Pépettes was able to show her true personality. She has been just a gentle soul, with a big heart. She has been a wonderful companion.

I am glad the Universe told me when to look back on Petfinder, otherwise I would have missed out on a beautiful life with her. Sometimes you have to wait for things to align perfectly in order to get what you want or even better. If I recall correctly, she was surrendered on Tuesday, her picture was posted on Wednesday, I contacted them on Thursday by Saturday I visited and adopted her.

We need to be patient; the Universe has a plan for each of us. It is not on our time but the Universe’s time.

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