Keep on waiting for the world to change

worldIf we keep on waiting for the world to change, we are not going to see it happening. Maybe the next generation will do that for us. But, why aren’t we the trailblazers that will break ground and do it?

In every generation you find people who will drive changes that impact our world for the best. Why are we waiting for someone to come along and do that when we can start this revolution?

Why do we always have to hope someone will stand up for us when we can do that on our own?  Why do we have to wait for a movement to start in other parts of the world to finally joined it when we could have started it earlier?

Are we that afraid that we cannot start it? What’s stopping us from starting to make the changes that will help our world?

We are not lambs or robots, we should be able to make changes to improve our world. If you think you can’t possibly do that, you are wrong. One small change can make a huge difference.  If you are starting to make a change, there are people around who will see this and follow your lead and sooner or later everyone will be doing it.

Do we really need to wait for the next generation to do that?  Not really, you can start your own revolution without having millions at your door waiting for it. It will catch up to everyone, it could be even a question of perfect synchronicity. You may be starting in your home, while someone across the world may be starting the same change.  As this will start to expand at some point in time, everyone else between the both of you will be doing it.

So why not start to make the best positive changes in our world that could benefit all?
We should not have to wait for anyone else to do it. We are the master of our own destiny.

The Universe will support you when you are doing it for the greater good.
We need all the light workers to step to the plate and start to make changes that will impact our world for the better.

You are never too old or too young to start to make changes in your life and the world you are living in.

So, we do not have to keep on waiting for the world to change.