How to let your inspiration be free

growthThis question is often asked from my clients.
How can I let my inspirations grow.

Being inspired means to relate to our spirit? When we relate to our spirit, our creative genius can flourish.

In our society we are busy working, connecting with social media, etc.  We are living our life a hundred miles an hour. We are not taking the time to be present neither grounding ourselves or connecting with our spirit.

Some are living their lives through social media, others living their lives through someone else’s life.
If you want to be inspired you need to ground yourself first, then take the time to reconnect with each side of you.

This includes your inner child and your adult side. You need to reconnect with those two sides to let your inspiration be free.

If you are not connected with both, you are not going to let your inspirations be free. Your inner child is precious, extremely playful. Playing is the driver to let you connect with the Universe.

When you relate to the Universe you can get the insight you need for your inspirations. It could be writing a book, a song. Having a medical breakthrough, solving a mystery or drawing.

It could also guide you to find a solution to a problem you are having while working on a project at work. Many times, you can hear people answering when you ask them how they found a solution to their problem, and it wasn’t at work. It was playing with the kids, having a stroll in the woods or while cooking with friends.

You need to take the time each day to play, to reconnect with your whole self.

Do activities that empower you, activities that let you relax. Ask the Universe to find you the path to inspire you. Sometimes it is just by reading a book, it could be the first step for you to get your inspiration back.

Connect with people that elevate you, that challenge your thoughts. Be in a positive environment that can help you to be inspired. Having someone around that truly believes in you can inspire you.

Step outside of the glass wall you are living in, by living outside of the box you are likely to be inspired. You are going to view life in different ways.

You can also change the furniture in the room, redesign an entire area in your house. If you are on a budget go to discounted stores and find some knickknacks that could change an entire room.

In the morning have a little dance party with your kids. Your energy will shift, you are going to be playful and that could help you to get inspired.

Embrace your inner child, become a kid again.