We are all geniuses, it depends how we use it for

GeniusYes, we all are geniuses, if you read news from around the world you can see how some of us are doing good and others are doing bad. I need to expand on that.

Let’s take the example of hackers.  In order to do what they are doing, they need to learn coding, these guys, instead of hacking, could be developing software or working for companies to protect their assets. Instead, they have chosen a different path.

You can look at some governments around the world that have individuals doing a great job on hacking other countries while trying to protect their own. Again, you can see their paths are different from the hackers, but they are still doing the same thing.

Whatever we are doing from the right or the wrong side of the street you are going to find individuals with or without college degrees that are doing very well. It is amazing to watch either side because the genius in us will create what is needed.

We always have a choice in our lives. We can choose to walk the straight and narrow path or taking “les chemins de traverses”. Whatever is our destiny we are using our creative genius to help us move forward.

We can create anything our mind can focus on and can give back to the world. On the other hand, you have people who are focused on their ego not their spirit.  They will not be sending any light into the world, instead they will work only to make profits for themselves.

Sometimes it seems so much easier to be on the wrong side of the street. You can make quick money, but you always have to watch your back for that person that will come around and try to take what you have. On the other side of the street, it can be a little challenging to get what you need. Money could be an issue at times, temptation to cross to the wrong side can be inviting.

It is always better to send light into this world. People who are on the wrong side of the street are not helping their spirit. It is such a waste of time for them to continue on the wrong path when they could bring so much good into this world.

So, my question for you today is, what are you using your creative genius for?