Becoming a vision of Love

loveTo become a vision of love we need to release our Spirit to become free. Spend your time with people who elevate you, keep your thoughts aligned with the Universe.

It can be challenging at times to stay in the state of love. How can we become a vision of love?

As we finally step into spring time, we can use this as an opportunity to change our thoughts pattern. We can become like blooming flowers, showing beautiful colored petals; our spirit is like those flowers, we just need to take care of them, so does our spirit.

Decluttering your thoughts and actions can lead you to become that vision of love. Welcome good graciously into your life. Sharing and giving can become the new norm.

Be in the present moment, taking the time to reconnect with your own family, your mate. In our busy lives we are not taking the time to connect with our loved ones.  We are neglecting this aspect, that is critical, in our journey where we are still growing and changing. We need to ensure we are still connected to each other.

The invisible wall that is building between us should be eradicated, we should see each other’s spirit and being able to communicate.

By sending unconditional love to the world and your mate, you will radiate love. Be prepared to received love back, nurture the time you spend alone in mediation.

Before you can do all of this learn to love yourself, you cannot become a vision of love if you do not love and acknowledge your spirit. It can be easy for some or harder for others to love themselves. This is the first step to move forward. Go in front of a mirror and look at yourself through the eyes of your spirit not your ego.

Your spirit will show you how beautiful you are. We are all born with different features and shapes. This is what makes us unique. Society has tried through the centuries to create standards that 90% of the people couldn’t meet.

Leave those standards behind you and embrace who you are. By doing so, you are opening your heart to receive unconditional love and becoming a vision of love.