Stay connected with the Universe Part 1

UniverseIn times of uncertainty, we need to keep the faith, we are being supported by the Universe.

As situations unfold, chaos can temporarily overwhelm us. Staying focused on a positive outcome, letting the Universe help us ride the flow of energy. The Universe will help us navigate those trouble waters and can lead us out of it quickly.

We need to take the time to step back and let the Universe guide us, perfect synchronicity will provide everything we need on our path to bring us back on track.

If we try to do it on our own, we could encounter more difficulties which could prolong our suffering.

How do we partner with the Universe? How do we know the message was received?

Instead of focusing on how to resolve the issue you should first ground yourself.

One easy technique is the breath of life (4 counts in exhale and 4 counts inhale) doing this exercise until you feel calm and at peace.

Your focus should be on speaking with the Universe. If you do not ground yourself prior to speaking with the Universe, you are going to bring fear. The end result will not be the best outcome for you. You should always speak from a state of gratitude and peace. You should see the end result.

For example, you are looking for a job. You do not know how to go about it or where to start. Sit on a chair, close your eyes, do the breath of life. When you feel the energy from your heart is flowing, then start to speak to the Universe.

This is what I say: (you can use it word for word or create your own affirmation) “Universe, Angels, Archangels and Ascendant Masters, I need your help to land my new job (if you know what type of job like Manager, assistant etc..) Please guide me to find the right one that paid more than what I am making right now. A great company to work for or something equal or better than what I am asking, thank you for your help”.

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