Spring is around the corner

Season We are almost there, spring is around the corner.
You can start to feel it, almost smell it, even though the weather has been, in some parts of the US, unkind. We are ready for spring time, warm weather, blooming flowers and nice strolls on the trails.

As we are slowly approaching spring, you can see the days are getting longer. We are not driving in the dark to go to work. The sun is out more often than the clouds. We are ready to trade our winter coat for a spring jacket.

Starting to plan on what kind of garden we would like to grow, we are ready to get going. Nurseries are getting ready for spring time. We can’t wait to get there to choose the flowers we want to plant.

We are in the mood to change the colors on our walls. We are feeling the rebirth, the breath of life.  Ready to get a new grill for barbecues, thinking of new furniture for the patio.

Spring time is going to be a busy time to prepare everything from planting, yard work or home remodeling. Ready to enjoy each of the projects we would like to complete this year.

Thinking about taking time off to have fun and maybe do some traveling. We are looking at spring break and Easter as well. Having an Easter egg hunt contest with our children and grandchildren. Enjoying a meal with our family, outside if weather permits.

Having longer days and the sun on our skin.  But until we can actually do that we just have to wait a little longer before we can start on our projects and have them come to fruition