Let’s play today

waterI was reading an article yesterday about letting children play more. It stated children would be more successful in their adults lives if they would play more. Even Einstein say the same thing, if he had played more he would have done more.

Letting your children play would give them, not only the social skills, but also the ability to solve problems while being more creative.

It is always easier to resolve problems when you are not spending your time focusing on them. Have you ever had an answer come to you in the middle of the night? You are with your friend enjoying a meal when all sudden you get the answer to a project you have been working on.

Letting your imagination loose can help you to get the solutions to problems. If you let your child play more, their creativity will expand. They are going to be able to easily find solutions.

While I was working in the corporate world I was what you can called a “fixer”. I not only had to resolved problems while working on projects, but also, I was brought in to help others from different departments to help them resolved their problems as well.

Often, I would brainstorm to find a solution but the most interesting thing I have ever done would be sending the problem to the Universe. While this was happening, I would do something a little more fun and quite often play. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with the solution. I was so excited, I had to get up and start to work.

I do not know if you have ever seen the movie “The First Wives Club” Goldie Hawn would find solutions and ideas while running on the treadmill. I too have found solutions while working out.  Therefore, I love to work out, afterward you are relaxed and can let the Universe give you the answers you need.

Take the time to play, you might be surprised at what you could get out of it.