Are you having a good time?

playWhile the world is getting a little crazier by the minute, with a full moon in sight, I am taking the time to step back and enjoy a break.

How often do you have a good time?
It could be at home or at work how often do you think you are doing it?

Have you taken a break lately to allow yourself room to breathe? Did you ask the Universe to help you?

When you co-create with the Universe you could be surprised how much synchronicity is paving the way in front of you.

You are not only amazed by it but starting to relax and having a good time doing your projects. Finishing a project ahead of schedule gives you time for a little break.

Having a good time could be starting your morning with a little dance party with your kids at breakfast time. Walking outside at lunch time. Laughing around a cup of coffee at break time.

Taking a day trip to play with your family, enjoying a walk-in nature with your friends. Just watching a funny movie with your kids.

Trying something new with friends, having a cooking contest. There is nothing more fulfilling than having a good time. You are in a state of relaxation, you can be as silly as you want.

Things are easier and simpler when you are having a good time. You can have a different perspective on issues also easily find solution to your problems.

Shift your focus to having a good time, by doing it you can open the door for creation. Letting your inner child play and reconnect with your true self.

Life is too short to not have a good time.