Shine the light on me

lightI am the way I am, so shine the light on me. I am not going to apologized for my soul, my free spirit. I will not be boxed within your glass walls, so you can feel safe because you do not know how to talk to me.

I am not your average person, I am my own spirit, I have my own beliefs, my own inspirations. I am not here to change you but rather to empower you to become your true self.

It is safe for you to step up and claim it, tell your ego it is safe to be your own spirit.

You are a beautiful light you need to shine as much as anyone else. You do not need to hide behind a smoke screen

Be colorful, you are blessed by your gifts, your aspirations. It is time for the light to shine on you.  It is time to claim who you truly are. Do not look around for approval or validation. This is not why you are here.

Look inside your core to find your spirit, to let yourself be free. Do not let anyone dictate how you should live your life. Live an inspirational life, you do not need to conform with everyone else. You are the master of your life.

When you are in the half-light, you are not complete. You are not showing who you truly are, or what a beautiful soul you are. Be whole, be proud, be at peace.

Be grounded, be authentic regardless of what people think. Enjoy who you are, there is not a better gift than living your life to its fullest. Set your goals and work with the Universe to co-create.

Do not live your life halfway or hidden behind a mask. You are worth it. Take my hand and come on the other side of the glass wall. It is time for you to step up to your life. Do not be afraid of the unknown, look underneath your feet, the Universe has opened a beautiful path for you to walk. It is safe for you to move on and be who you are meant to be.
Let the light shine upon you.