Focus on what you want not what you do not want

talkMost of us cannot keep our minds still. We are always thinking about our to do list or being bombarded with media outlets. When we are spending too much time online looking at the latest news we are losing focus. Replacing our thoughts by playing in our head negative movies. Like a broken record we continue to plague our subconscious with negative thoughts.

Those thoughts could bring us to what we do not want or feared the most. We need to step back and take back our powers. There is so much negativity in this world we need to find focus to raise our thoughts. By doing it we can send good energy into the world.

We are what we think, if you are looking closely at your thoughts and your life, you may or may not realize you are materializing them. What do I mean by that? If you always repeat you are not good enough or you are feeling you have a lack of money, self-worth or anything that is negative, the subconscious will bring you what you are thinking.

I mentioned in a previous blog, your subconscious doesn’t make the distinction between your thoughts. If you repeat over and over the same negative thoughts, it is a signal to your subconscious that this is what you would like to experience.

You need to retrain yourself and change your patterns. It takes an average of 30 days to change your brain patterns. How can you do that? If you have a smartphone create a list in it with positive thoughts like “money comes to me easily and effortlessly, money comes from everywhere, I am successful, all my bills are paid I have a surplus of money to spare and share”.

Set up your alarm to ring every hour or two hours. When the alarms go off, quiet your mind, open the list, read it out loud, if you can memorize it and keep it in your head. As you are reading get the feeling from your heart chakra that it is true. By doing this every day you are retraining your brain, also you are telling your subconscious this is what you are believing in. The subconscious will take notice and start to change your experience. It could even start shortly after you begin to retrain your brain.

Several years ago, when I was first on my own, I had two jobs, one car payment, one loan payment and the rent for the one-bedroom apartment I lived in. I wasn’t making enough to make ends meet. But somehow, by the way of the Universe, I did. Each time I wrote a check I said the following “All my bills are paid, I have plenty of money”. I used to repeat this every day. Each time I said it I felt it deep in my core. I believed it, not wanted, but deeply believed it. I can say, all my bills were always paid. I had enough money to eat and take care of myself. Looking back, I have no idea how it was possible, with the amount of money I was making, that I would have been able to pay all of them, but I did. I always thanked the Universe for making this happened.

You need to believe and focus on what you would like to have happening in your life. Do not invite negative thoughts to take over. When I ask for help from the Universe I do not do it from a place of lacking or fear. I ground myself first, then speak in present tense, with a calm but firm voice, this is what I would like or even better. By doing so the subconscious and the Universe will bring the experience I asked for or even better.

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