Become the master of your own happiness

peaceLooking outside of you, to find your own happiness can lead you to unwanted situations or individuals.
Some individuals are so focused on finding happiness, you can feel their desperation. The energy they are projecting can be overwhelming, it can, in some instances, keep people away from them.

We all want to have a happy life, filled with joy, laughter and love. To attract this feeling into your life you need to be grounded. You need to focus on keeping yourself whole, one body one spirit. When you are in balance, the world will open up to you. Positive situations and people will come to you.

Happiness cannot be bought, falling under someone else’s “spell” will not bring you happiness, especially if that individual is playing mind games.

Being happy is a state of mind that can be mastered. To archive this state of mind you need to take inventory of your feelings and emotions. Unresolved issues could temporarily stall you until you make peace with them and let them go. By letting go of those issues, you have now shifted your energy to a higher level.

Surround yourself with people who elevate you. Do activities that make you happy, it could be as simple as walking, running or even learning something that you always wanted to know.  These activities will continue to keep you in a state of happiness.

At work do not let anyone rain on your parade. What do I mean by that, stay away from the Debbie Downers. Do not take part in gossiping.  If someone criticizes your work, just let those words wash over you.

You are always going to meet individuals that are unhappy, send them blessings. Do not let yourself tap into their drama and unhappiness. Mind your own business by staying in a state of happiness, those individuals are on their own journey. You do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulder, neither is it your purpose to carry them with you.