Don’t let anyone rain on your parade

wetI absolutely love this mantra, don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

When I came back, injured, from the Club Med, I needed to recover. During my convalescence I decided to focus on my dreams. I was able to get everything lined up with the help of the Universe.

I have always been cautious when I was planning on leaving Europe to keep it under wraps, because I knew some people close to me would have tried to stop me. The only person that knew I was leaving was the “little one”. I trusted her implicitly. A week before I left, I told everyone else.

At that time my mother had a lot of influence over my sisters. I was the rebellious one. I always stood up to her by keeping quiet and never answering her, when she was verbally abusive to me when I was a child. It used to make her even worst at times. It was fun to watch because I never backed down. When I was in my late teens I started to stand up by speaking out.

I wasn’t afraid of her, she had a strong spirit and most people would not even speak to her at all.
I recall, during the time I stayed at my sister’s place, my mother worked 300 miles away. She used to call us and would get all riled up about something and would then hang up on us. I always used to laugh when it happened.

I was the moderator to defend my sister. I recall one day my sister’s boyfriend, whom I liked very much, asked her if she would go on vacation with him overseas. I was thrilled for her, I thought it would be a great idea. You need to realize we were in our mid 20’s.

My older sister got wind of the vacation, I think it was driven by jealousy, so she told my mother while making some unflattering comments about it. My mother went into a state of insanity via the phone, I had to pick up the phone and pushed her back in a heated conversation. I recall the “little one” sitting next to me scared to death watching me going into battle. The conversation ended by my mother hanging up on me. I turned around looked at my sister and told her go with him on vacation.

My sister was so shocked by the fact I stood up against my mother. My mother had such a strong personality and spirit. Everyone would rather crawl underground instead of saying anything to her. It was my sister’s choice to make and not trying to influence my sister in her own decision. I wasn’t afraid of my mother for many years, I was already out of her claws. I wanted the “Little One” to be happy and stop being influenced by her.

If there is a lesson to learn for everyone, it is this…… if you have a project, or like my sister, you are in your mid 20’s and have someone who is good to you, that would never harm you in any way, shape or form, but would be the right mate to be with. Than listen to your gut not your entourage. It was the beginning of many bad decisions the “Little One” made. Event thought each time I warned her when she asked for my feedback.

Sometimes it is better to keep things under wraps. Therefore, when I made the decision to leave Europe only one person knew. My mother was told a week before I left. I never saw her before I left which was good. After the “Little One’s” debacle I wasn’t in the mood to deal with my mother or older sister. I did what I always do, live quietly.