How to let it go and move on part 1

EventThis could be a challenging subject, or should I say a sensitive subject.
Regardless, if this is personal or professional, we do encounter difficult situations from time to time.

Being voted out of a job, layoff, passed over for a higher position or a raise. Let’s not forget breaking up with your mate or going through a divorce.
In each of these situations, we are experiencing a level of emotional trauma. It can last for a few hours to a few months or stay with you the rest of your life.
How can we pass the point where we can let go and move on?
What exactly does it take for us to do it?

I am going to use the example at work:
You dedicated your time including some of your weekends to get your work done. While you were working hard, keeping your head down to complete your projects and support your manager, the president of the company decides to put your name on a list to be voted out. Everyone in that room at the exception of your manager decide you are the first one to be let go.

To your surprise you go to the office the next day to be seated in the conference room with your manager. He is so shocked by the situation he cannot tell you directly you are being let go. After 10 minutes into the conversation you figure out what had just happened. You are stunned to learn you have been voted out for no good justification.

You leave the office, as you exit you see one of the person that voted you out by the door. As you walk away with no sign of tears or anger, you can see that individual waiting with a smile on her face.
You go home in shock, you cannot believe this just happened. You were totally blindsided by this turn of events and your fellow employees.
You contact your closes friends and support to let them know what just had happened.  As the hours and days pass, you are now trying to put yourself back together, have a plan to get a new job and try to understand why this had happened.

Instead of going through the anger and hatred that could come out you decide to change your thoughts and view this situation using a different approach. You are now looking at the situation in a new light, you are looking at the facts, not the emotion.

To only look at the facts you need to quiet your mind and ego. Find a place where you can sit quietly, do a breathing exercise. (Inhale on the count of 4, keep it in your lungs on the count of 4, exhale on a count of 4, keep your lungs empty on a count of 4.) Repeat this process until you can quiet your mind. Than start to breathe normally.  At this point you can start to review the situation with a clear mind.