Ready for my life purpose

riverAs I walk up the stairs, the old man is watching me with a warm smile. He has been watching me since the beginning of my journey, my life. He is the wise man who has stood by me in good and bad times. Looking from above as I was going into the storms that are called life.

As I walked onto the porch, I give him a long hug. He has been my rock, my savior when I had one finger on the ledge ready to fall into the abyss of no return. He is the one who gave me the strength to reach deep into my core to find the energy to stand up and fight. I know I would not be here today if he wasn’t by my side.

He has been there while I was licking my wounds, he always stood by me quietly. Reminding my spirit, why I came here, what I was inspired to do. He has never turned his back on me, even though at times I did, he always forgave me.

I had so much anger, so much pain to go through. Like the butterfly in his chrysalis, I had to break myself out of where I was to become who I truly am.

I walked alone in this journey, but above me the Universe was, is and always will be with me. I do not feel alone, I can feel the unconditional love from the Universe.

I can see now why I had to go through all of this. I am now free, ready to embark into my life purpose. The one I have chosen before I came on this earth.

I am working in partnership with the Universe, everyone from the angel realms to the ascendant masters.

As I am sitting on the rocking chair, I am looking at the beautiful hills. It is so peaceful, I am at home, the rest of my journey is going to be here and finally reconnect with nature.

I am at peace, I know that everything I have gone through was worth it. I can live my life purpose, do what my heart desires.

As the sunset slowly falls below the hills, I am ready to go into the cabin to finally rest. Tomorrow is a new day, a day to send unconditional love to the world. To help others to archive their life purpose as well as helping them to navigate in their rivers that is called their life.