Enjoying a moment of peace

riverI am enjoying a moment of peace where everything is in perfect synchronicity. The Universe is watching over me, I am now in calm waters. After braving the storm, I can finally relax in my boat. I do not need to paddle as hard that I did before. The well-deserved rest I took at the cabin has proven to be beneficial.

As I am now enjoying this moment of peace, I can feel myself present in this moment. My mind is not looking into the future. I can see my goals, the finish line, the course I have set for my boat is now unfolding in a way that I would never have thought would have been possible.

I am looking back at that storm, happy and blessed to have not retreated but went full-blown like a torpedo into that last storm. I made it, I am now calm, like the water, with a smile on my face I am looking at a beautiful sight. The surroundings are peaceful.

Beautiful trees are surrounding the river. The hills are green, the flowers are in full bloom, I can see deer walking around. It is so peaceful, I can hear the sounds of the birds. As I am watching the sky, the eagle is still following me. The sun is high in the sky, it must be midday, a warm soft breeze is picking up.

I am enjoying this moment of peace, it is the beginning of the last leg into my journey that is call my life. I have learned everything I needed, it is time for me to set the course to my life purpose. With the Universe as my co-creator, I am unsinkable.

I have finally reach my destination. As I paddle closer to the bank of the river, I can see the eagle landing further down. I jump into the water, I pull my boat off the water. I am walking toward the eagle. As I am looking, I see the same cabin reappeared. I know the wise man is waiting for me on the porch.

As I approach the cabin, I can see him smiling at me.