The Universe is watching over me

protect I am going to start with a story, it should be a time to reflect on past or current decisions at home or work which we have made.

You have been approaching by a manager at your company regarding a new position. The manager feels you are the perfect fit, you are excited, this could be a great opportunity to do something new. It offers a lot of potential for growth. As time passes, you are not hearing back about this position. After a few months, you find out your current manager has vetoed your move to that new position.

Another few months pass by and that position is still not filled. Then, one day, out of the blue you read a company email stating, Julie, who was a manager got reassigned to that open position. You are disappointed thinking you are the best fit, why would they demote her and give her the position.

As months pass, you are beginning to realize the manager that approached you, is not a nice person, instead his managing style is oppressive, rude and mean. The position you were hoping to transfer to, is also showing some flaws. There are a lot issues and customers are not happy about it. You start to realize even though who wanted that position so badly, the Universe protected you.

You are safe, not being targeted by that manager. The project Julie is actually working on is currently crumbling, you are now watching from a far. You are feeling you have avoided a disaster that you could have been blamed for, and possibly even have lost your job.

In situations like this, we do not always have the big picture. We can feel at times life is not fair. We can ask ourselves, why are these situations happening to me? The Universe protects us by helping us to avoid a situation that could make it even worse. We have to wait a month, a year perhaps, before the reasons bad things happen to us are revealed.  It is better to face a closed-door that will save us from further harm than being in the middle of a nightmare, wishing you could go back and undo your decision.

If you look back, you should be able to realize the Universe protects us. Emma, why if the Universe is protecting us, should I have to go through difficult time? When we came here we chose, believe it or not, to learn some life lessons. Our beautiful Spirits have chosen them before you stepped into this world.

Difficult situations are being presented to us as an opportunity to learn from them. If you have read my blogs “What makes us, parts 1 – 5”, you have uncovered a portion of what I had to go through to be where I am today.
This is our journey, someone reminded me several years ago “only strong souls can walk this earth”.  It is a harsh environment we are living in, but we have a choice. I chose to trust the Universe, trust myself, trust the process. You should do the same.